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About LaterLife



LaterLife's background and credentials

LaterLife started life in 1999 with a philosophy of helping make the most of later life and particularly of retirement. This was initially focused around the web site and information, ideas and services to help those of us over 50 achieve that. It earned its revenue through advertising carried on the web site.

In 2004 LaterLife made the important decision to play a more direct part in helping people plan for making the most of their retirement. As a result we teamed up with a group of experienced training consultants to introduce the LaterLife Planning Retirement Workshops. Although Planning Retirement courses already existed, we brought a fresh, lifestyle led approach to this, which has resulted in LaterLife becoming the leading provider of Open Planning Retirement Workshops in the UK, with a schedule of over 150 open workshops a year at 40 locations around the UK, as well as an extensive schedule of in-house workshops for both Public and Private sector organisations.

 The feedback received from delegates on the workshops is outstandingly good. Over 1000 organisations have used LaterLife Retirement Planning Workshops for their staff as well as many individuals and most of our organisation business these days  is repeat business due to the effectiveness and quality of the workshops.

This is all underpinned by surveys that have shown a 30% improvement in the level of enjoying retirement if you have been on a workshop (LaterLife research) and on a different measure a 19% increase in life satisfaction in retirement for those that have been on a workshop compared to those that haven't (Academic research).

Moving into the financial arena

Laterlife's workshops have always covered the relevant financial aspects of retirement but in a lifestyle led way and as generic information as we aren't financial advisers.

Tony Clack - founder of laterlife

LaterLife was set up by Tony Clack and is run by him with a number of Associates around the country.


and in the case of our Retirement Planning Workshops Dave Sinclair is our Training Director and is supported by a number of specialist trainers based in various parts of the UK.


Planning Retirement WorkshopHowever we have now made a decision to extend our ability to help everyone make the most of their retirement through additional focus on helping with Financial Planning for Retirement and Making he most of Finances at, and in, retirement.

This is partly brought about by: firstly the rapid move from Final Salary Schemes to Defined Contribution schemes, which means that more people need information and advice and it is harder to plan ahead for retirement; secondly the changes to the Financial Advice regime from 31st December 2012, which may result in fewer people obtaining financial advice; and thirdly the relatively low levels of financial education in the UK

As a result we have designed this site principally to provide information and education to support the delegates who attend LaterLife Retirement Workshops with an additional information reference resource, and also with access to services that will be of assistance, if they don't already have easy access to these. However we have also decided to make it open to anyone without charge and to ensure it also covers retirement planning throughout life (see the Timelines section) as our children and grandchildren will in general have a much harder job than we did.

In addition in October 2013 we became a subsidiary of Jelf. Jelf is a leading consultancy supporting businesses and individuals with expert advice on matters relating to insurance, healthcare, employee benefits and financial planning. As a result we are now offering financial education services together and are able to offer additional retirement related services of assistance to our site visitors via Jelf. See our section on LaterLife and Advice 


Contacting LaterLife

We always welcome your feedback on laterlife. You'll find a feedback button at the foot of most pages.

For general enquiries you can email

For advertising enquiries see our separate section on advertising.

For enquiries relating to our retirement courses see the separate site or use the enquiry email above.

We are based in Reading, Berkshire but operate all round the UK.

 The address is:

Laterlife Learning - Jelf Wellbeing Ltd
Ground Floor West, TVP2,
Thames Valley Park Drive,

Phone 0333 220 4164


Enjoying laterlife

We hope you will enjoy your later life whatever age you are now and we hope LaterLife's web sites and services will play a part in that and help to add to your enjoyment!


LaterLife and LaterLife Learning are part of Jelf Wellbeing Ltd
Hillside Court, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6JX 
Tel: 01454 272727 Fax: 01454 272728

Jelf Wellbeing Ltd* (Reg No. 2647586) is part of Jelf Group plc (Reg No. 2975376) and are all registered in England and Wales at Hillside Court, Bowling Hill, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6JX. *Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Not all products and services offered are regulated by the FCA.

We conduct a green policy and ask that all communications are via email. Please do not send unsolicited mail to the registered office address which is for legal communications only, or to our trading address.

Laterlife outside the UK

Laterlife Pre-retirement Workshops and Web operations are also available in South Africa via Laterlife South Africa. You can find out more at



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