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Planning Retirement Online


Introduction to the LaterLife Retirement Planning & Finance web site



Retirement Planning Starts HereAbout this web site and about LaterLife

This web site is part of the LaterLife group of web sites which are all aimed at different aspects of preparing for and making the most of retirement.

At LaterLife we specialise in retirement. We first started operation in 1999 and since then have become the leading provider of Open Planning Retirement Workshops in the UK, running them at 40 different locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as running in-house workshops for many large Private and Public Sector organisations. The workshops cover all the lifestyle aspects of retirement and the related financial aspects.


A new fresh approach to providing financial information

Retirement is a time of opportunity and choice. These days when we retire we are generally much fitter than our parents were when they retired and we have perhaps 20-25 years of good active life ahead of us. If we plan for it, we can ensure we are in a position to make the most of it and realise our hopes and ambitions and make it the best time of our lives.

So our aim is to provide a web site that provides the information and services needed for retirement planning at every stage of life and then supports us as we enter retirement and start making the most of it.

In our early years this is inevitably mainly financial planning, but even then we need to do it in the context of what lifestyle we want in retirement. Our Retirement Planning section sets the basics and our timelines section covers time periods from 20 onwards and identifies the things we need to consider, both financial and lifestyle, at each stage.

As we near retirement our focus changes to planning our lifestyle in retirement in more detail and implementing our financial plans, such as turning our pension fund/s into an income for life. The web site covers all those aspects in depth too.

The web site is first and foremost an information web site and aims first to educate and then to provide a means of executing your plans or finding advice. The financial material on the web site has been produced in conjunction with the best qualified financial planners in today’s highly regulated financial environment, who share our ethos of focusing on the individual and their lifestyle aspirations. However, please note it provides information and checklists to help you plan, it does not provide advice.


Individuals and Organisations

This web site is intended for us as individuals. In particular the ‘near retirement’ aspects have been designed both as supporting information for those people who have attended our workshops but also for people who haven’t yet been . The retirement planning information and timelines are aimed at supporting you at any time in life from 20 onwards, whether or not you are an early or late starter in your planning and whatever level of retirement funds you have or hope to build up.

If you are reading this in your role within an organisation then please visit our related web site  to find out about our services to organisations for both Financial and Lifestyle retirement education and planning.


Newsletters to keep you up to date

We hope you will sign up to our free quarterly ‘Retirement Planning’ email newsletters which aim to keep you up to date with any new developments and articles that will help you in your planning. Once you have retired, or when you are approaching retirement, you can sign up to our newsletters on  which are aimed at making the most of your retirement lifestyle.


Financial Products and Services offered on the web site

You’ll see a variety of adverts on the site which are largely provided courtesy of Google but we do also offer products and services via selected partners. Where this is the case these are identified but you can also find out more in our advice section.


Feedback! Feedback!

Our aim is to make and maintain this site as the best facility for planning and making the most of retirement on the web. We therefore value your feedback enormously. If you think anything we’ve said isn’t clear or could be better expressed, let us know. If you think we have missed covering something important please tell us. Even if you find a typo we’d like to know, so please just email us at 



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