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LaterLife and related Financial Information and Advice

Free financial helpline for LaterLife visitors

There are often difficult financial decisions to make as we approach retirement and during our life after work. It’s good to have someone knowledgeable to talk to.

As part of our relationship with Jelf (see below), we have agreed that visitors to this site can take advantage of the free financial helpline Jelf provide for the employees of their business customers.

The helpline is manned by finance professionals who will look to understand your situation and point you in the right direction.
They won't give you financial advice, but will be able to answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Should you want formal financial advice they can arrange for you to speak to a financial adviser.

You can talk through any financial query from pension and annuity planning to inheritance tax, replacing private medical cover, mortgages or equity release.  If you have a query you would like to talk through, please complete our
Enquiry form  with details of what you’d like to discuss and when you would like a call back.


LaterLife and Jelf

At LaterLife we specialise in Retirement Planning and our Retirement Planning Workshops are run at over 40 locations around the UK as well as in-house and over 900 organisations use our services. Our focus is very much on retirement training and education which is supplemented by facilities like this site and our site. This site itself is designed to provide financial education related to retirement.

On the LaterLife sites we are open in the services we provide access to, so we include advertising of financial services and also our section on where to obtain financial advice. When it comes to Personal Financial Advice then we will only advocate organisations that offer advice through highly qualified staff.  

We are also a subsidiary company within the Jelf Group.  Jelf is a leading consultancy supporting businesses and individuals with expert advice on matters relating to insurance, healthcare, employee benefits and financial planning. As a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, Jelf Financial Planning advisers are highly qualified. They know the ins and outs of the financial solutions available and maintain professional standards and an ethical code of practice at all times. Whether you are planning for retirement, looking for the right mortgage or seeing guidance on investment or inheritance tax planning – Jelf advisers can help at every stage. In this regard LaterLife is an Introducer under the Financial Services Act 1986 for Jelf and will receive remuneration from them. If you want to know more about LaterLife see the about us section. If you would like to know more about Jelf you can visit

LaterLife Selected Services

There are 4 principal services available via the LaterLife site which we believe to be the most important services related to Retirement. As described above Jelf can assist with all these and you can use our enquiry form to contact them to have a chat or make an enquiry.

Turning a pension fund or other assets into an income for life, or exercising other options which are now available

You may have an interest in doing this for 4 primary reasons:

  • Your whole pension fund or funds are in Defined Contribution scheme/s
  • You have part of your funds in a closed Final Salary scheme and part in a Defined Contribution scheme
  • You have a final salary scheme but also have a freestanding AVC (Additional Voluntary Contribution) scheme
  • You have built up a fund of money in other ways and now want to buy an annuity to provide a guaranteed income for life

In each case you will need to understand the pros and cons of taking an annuity, or using income drawdown, and the other options available to you. We provide a means of either obtaining personal advice or obtaining quotes under the Open Market Option.

Deciding whether to take, and what to do, with a lump sum

Most pension funds allow you take a tax free lump sum of 25% of your pension fund but the decision whether to take it is not straightforward (see our section on lump sums). If you have made the decision to take it and don't have an immediate need for it (such as that holiday of a lifetime) then you will need to consider investing it.

Starting a new personal pension fund (including if you are starting later in life)

Choosing how to set up a personal pension fund and selecting underlying investments can be enormously complex and can dramatically affect how much pension you build up. This is something best done with the help of a financial advisor.

Equity Release

When it first started a number of years ago Equity Release got a bad name because of some of the organisations involved in offering it and because it was unregulated. In recent years however a number of reputable organisations have entered the market and it is also a regulated product.  

It's still something that is not right for everyone but can be enormously beneficial to others, especially if they have failed to build up a significant pension fund.

As described above Jelf can assist with all these and you can use our enquiry form to contact them to make an enquiry.