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Planning Retirement Online


Introduction to the LaterLife Retirement Planning & Finance web site



Entry points and paths through the site

There are 4 different starting points:

‘Soon to retire’ section – if you are within a few years of retirement this is probably the best starting point for you. It covers the key things you need to consider and that can make a huge difference to your life in retirement.

‘Retirement Planning’ section – if you are early on in your planning then this is the place to start, even if you are a late starter in terms of planning.

‘Planning by Age’ timeline section – if you are more interested in reviewing your retirement plans then select your nearest age and start there, although you may well find it worth reading the ‘Retirement Planning’ section too.

Products and Services – if you know exactly what you want e.g. information on annuities or income drawdown, then go straight to the Products and Services section.


Navigating around the site

The main navigation drop downs across the top of the site provide access to the main sections and key areas within that section. When you enter a section you’ll see a more detailed menu on the left hand side which gives you direct access to the sub-sections, although in general the first time you use a section you’ll find it best to read straight through, rather than diving into the lower level.




Decide which of the four different entry points above you want to use and select the appropriate navigation button. We hope you find the site a valuable resource.

We hope you will also sign up to our free quarterly ‘Retirement Planning’ email newsletters which aim to keep you up to date with any new developments and articles that will help you in your planning.



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