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Our Guides aim to give you the basic information that you need to know about the different retirement related products and services. They are all written by Chartered Financial Planners. 

Products and Services
Our Products and Services on this page cover all phases: Prior to retirement, At retirement and In retirement

We provide sources of advice

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Retirement Products and Services  

How to find what you need

In each box on this page you will find a different retirement related product or service.

In each case there will be a link to our Guide to that type of product or service, so read that first if you need an understanding or to bring yourself up to date.

Pension Planning

The earlier you take action the easier it is, but whatever age you are:

Read our guide to Pensions and Pension Planning first

It's a complex business so see our section on Obtaining  Advice .


Putting a Pension into Service

The options available to you

Read our Guide to Putting a Pension into Service which covers the things you will need to consider and assists you to decide what is right for you. Including Annuities, Income Drawdown and what are known as Third way products which are variants of those two

Also look at our associated Guide to Lump Sums and  Retirement Finance Checklist in your run up to retirement.

If you need help deciding the best course of action then see our section on Obtaining  Advice

Take a look at our
'At retirement' checklist


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Obtaining  Advice

All our Financial Guides are written by Chartered Financial Advisors with many years experience.

However if you feel you need some personal advice on any topic, rather than education, then read our Advice section.

It covers the types of advice available, the typical costs (especially as a result of the changes brought in by the Retail Distribution Review), what information you need to prepare and how to find an advisor

or see our page on Laterlife selected services and associated advice.

Planning Retirement Online



Read our Guide to investing in Retirement

or if you need some help see Obtaining  Advice

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Equity Release

Over the last few years Equity Release has made a transition to a much more accepted retirement tool.

Read our Guide to Equity Release covering the various types of product available and the pros and cons of each

or if you need some help see Obtaining  Advice


Long Term Care

Coming soon


Estate Planning

Including Inheritance Tax, Wills and Trusts

 Read our Guide to Inheritance Tax

Guide to Wills and Trusts coming soon

or find out about Obtaining  Advice


Helping your Children and Grandchildren

Tell your working children about our Retirement Planning and Timelines sections which assists everyone at any age from 20 onwards


Associated web sites

Retirement Workshops
Online retirement Planning
Retirement Lifestyle

If you have friends or relations in South Africa let them know about Laterlife South Africa


Take a look at our
'At retirement' checklist


Try our FREE online retirement self assessors

 'How ready are you to retire?'


Free 'Retirement MOT'
if you are already retired

In both cases a quick series of 20 questions establishes how well you are doing,  gives you a score out of 100 and highlights areas for action.



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